Building cost estimating has never been as easy as it is right now. With the release of PlanSwift 9, the number one takeoff and estimating software in the construction industry, contractors can now complete estimates in amazing little time.

Now the prices of materials can be input once and user throughout the estimating processes as needed. It is even possible with PlanSwift 9 to access material cost databases, and pull the relevant numbers back into the program.

Building Cost Estimating Software

This allows building estimators to use up-to-date prices when estimating. Relieving contractor of the need to adjust prices when their prices change.

PlanSwift also has the ability to add markups to materials and labor so bids can be created instantly right from the digitizing takeoffs. Building cost estimating

With all of this at their fingertips building cost estimating can be done with quick accurate precision.

PlanSwift 9 is a complete package of everything contractors need in the way of takeoff and estimating software at a third the cost of anything close to it. With it costing less contractors of all sizes and trades can justify the investment, knowing PlanSwift will pay for itself in remarkably little time.

It is this kind of commitment and excellence that helps building cost estimating to be done quickly.