PlanSwift Features

Estimating Features

• Create custom assemblies• Import Excel Items • Calculate Labor• Calculate Material• Calculate Taxes • Create custom formulas• Includes standard reports• Create unlimited number of custom reports • Add Markup Percent• Manual Adjustments
• Metric Support• Export report to Excel• Link to Database Lists• Supports product item numbers• Supports cost codes• Integrates with 3rd party programs• Excel integration• Print to PDF• Point of Sale export
Estimating Features
Takeoff Tools
• Auto Count
• Drag and drop assemblies on items
• Labeled point counts
• Scaled point counts
• Add hyperlink to items
• Custom point count symbols
• Send Takeoff Data to 3rd party applications
• Calculate Roof Areas
• Calculate Cubic Yards
• Easily adjust takeoff items if needed
• Use magnifier while in takeoff mode
• Multiple measurements
• Customize inputs on forms
• Audit Trail with time stamp and user name
• Organize data by division
• Organize data by Phaze
• Organize data by Location
• Organize data by Zone
• View and manipulate multiple pages
• Apply hatch patterns to items
• Label Items
• Customizable page legend
• Ortho Mode
• Snap to CAD lines
• Snap to axis
• Box takeoff mode
• Custom Line Widths
• Separate linear takeoff items
• Easily copy and paste takeoff items
• Hip and Valley Calculator
• Standard Digital Takeoff Capability (Area,
Linear, Segment, Count)
• Undo Functionality
• Pitch Calculator
• Triangulate Tool
• Advanced Joist Tool
• Beam Tool
• Annotations / Notes
• Intuitive Page Scaling with No Ratio (1/8″ = 1′,
• Deduct Areas from Areas (Cutouts)
• Mouse Hints Prompting you “What to do
Next” while Performing Takeoff
• Arc Tool (Radiuses)
• Built in Digitizer Tablet Integration
• Free-Hand Drawing
• Yearly Maintenance (Updates & Support)
• Subsciption Option Available
• Easy Online Purchase
• Minimal Training Required (Provided Free)
User Interface
• MS Office 2007 Ribbon Bar Interface
• Overview Window (Small Preview of the Entire
• Customizable Tool Bars
• Multi-select Capability
• Color Themes for Interface (Black / Blue /
• Add columns to the “Open Job” dialog…
example”Estimator” or “Due Date
• Add Plugin Buttons to Toolbar to Launch
External Applications
• View and takeoff mulitple pages
• Friendly Mouse Wheel Zooming
• Hover Navigation (Hover over Arrows on the
Image to Scroll Around)
• Auto-Scroll Feature
• Forward & Back Buttons (Like Browser
Navigation for Pages)
• Bookmarks
• Jump to an Item on the Plan from the
Estimate with a Click of a Button
• Hyperlinks to External Websites or URL’s
• Hyperlinks to Other Pages (Like Bookmarks)
• Quick Pan – Right Mouse Button
• Adjustable Pan and Zoom Speeds
• Quick Search (Search all Toolbar Commands)
• Search for Pages
• Group Takeoff Items in Folders
• Folder Structure for Grouping and Organizing
Plan Pages
• Tabbed Browsing of Multiple Plan Images
• Customizable Keyboard Hotkeys
Estimating Reports Included
• Division
• Location
• Folder
• Phaze
• Material
• Labor
• Equipment
• Subcontract
• Markup
• Cost vs. Sell
• Summary
• Customer Copy
• Request for Quote
• Create unlimited additional custom reports
Network and Job Storage
• Store jobs on network locations
• Store jobs on a removable drive
• Free cloud storage for 30 days
• Easily move jobs to other storage locations
• Easily copy jobs to other storage locations
• Online product activation
• Web based licensing system
• Manage licenses online
• Automatically Remove License when exiting
• Work offline
• Online Help Files
• Over 100 ‘show me how’ videos
• One click remote assistance
• Online Forum
• Phone Support
• Email Support
• Support Chat
• Excel
• Plugin store
• MC2
• Sage 100 (Master Builder)
• Sage 300 (Timberline)
• Alliance Millsoft
• Turbo Bid
• Super Build
• ProjectPAK
• Import drawings from Planrooms

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