Flooring estimating work can be aided by the use of construction takeoff and estimating software programs like PlanSwift. These programs, used by thousand of contractors already, can reduce the time it takes to complete an estimate for flooring installation by up to 90% without a reduction in accuracy.

Another great aspect of PlanSwift is the ability of the program to use assemblies in its takeoffs and estimates. This allows one experienced estimator to make the assemblies once then have less experienced worker utilize these assemblies. In this way newer estimators can produce the same quality flooring estimating as an experienced estimator could, but at a reduced labor cost.

Flooring Estimating

“I like how I can overlay siding details with Planswift, whereas before this could sometimes be a difficult task. I am able to measure my window, doors, floors, roofs, etc. I am able to line things up more easily than I had before. The overlay tool has been awesome with its pinpoint accuracy. This software hits all the right spots.”-Pacific Lifestyle Homes / Jon Pudlitzke

In this way, a company can have multiple new estimators in the field doing the “leg work” of flooring installation work, while a highly seasoned estimator stays in the office assuring quality.

This process also has the ability to help standardize the flooring estimating process. Because the materials, tools and labors can all be a part of the premade assembly and will be calculated based on the area alone the cost numbers should be very standard throughout the process and from estimator to estimator.

Software programs are becoming one more must have tool for any flooring contractor, get your copy today!