Takeoff & Estimating Testimonials

PlanSwift is one of the most versatile and user friendly estimating programs we have used to date. PlanSwift not only works well as an estimating software, but as a tool to help sell more product.

ProBuild / John Huck

I have used various estimating programs over the past years and I have found PlanSwift to be an extremely user friendly program. It was easy to get a new user up and running with minimal training down time. After I downloaded the program and with the excellent assistance of Matt Miller in tech support, I was doing takeoffs with plans the very first day. One exceptional feature it has afforded me that I have found invaluable is the ability to work on customer’s reproduced plans that are no longer to scale, which is something many of our sales force have come to rely on. Since that first day, the program and all its many facets have increased my efficiency and productivity in estimating and completing material takeoffs across the board. Add to this the economical cost factor of the program as compared to other programs which are much more expensive and require additional ‘hardware’ and much more training, it goes without saying this program pays for itself in short order. I would and do highly recommend this program to other estimators with large or small companies, you will be surprised and amazed at what it can do for your profitability and efficiency.

Stock Building Supply / Bill Wise

Eliminating the hassle of handling the printed plans is a huge benefit and time saver.

84 Lumber / Mike Boyer

Working with the PlanSwift Software, along with the PlanSwift team has been a positive experience from the beginning. The program is easy to use, with a minimal learning curve, allowing our team to be productive right from the start. It’s allowed us to set up a standardized takeoff procedure which has greatly reduced our costs and improved our overall efficiency. PlanSwift is completely customizable, giving us the ability to cater to our customer’s specific needs. The program is well worth exploring.

84 Lumber / Steve Gorman

In over 10 years of performing takeoffs for heavy industrial to residential single family homes, PlanSwift Pro is the most versatile on-screen digitizer in today’s industry. Literally in seconds, an assembly can be utilized with the click of a mouse. I can go from start to finish, and anywhere in between I can start or stop a measurement and work on multiple tasks at once. With its capability of utilizing almost any file type, I no longer have to convert multiple files and downloads. PlanSwift takes the guesswork out of a job and replaces it with a level of accuracy unmatched. A big thank you to the PlanSwift software engineers for combining what every estimator needs out of multiple software packages!

84 Lumber / Todd Shaw

PlanSwift has been an excellent addition to the Installed Sales department @ Builders FirstSource. In due time, I can see how it will contribute to countless timely plan takeoffs. I look forward to learning more about the software through daily use and ultimately being able to train my staff. To compliment the effectiveness of the software, the support staff @ Planswift is very accessible and easy to work with on a one on one basis through the trial period and after purchase.

Builders FirstSource / Drew Stritch

We have been using PlanSwift now for the past 6 months, and the amount of time it has saved is staggering. The program is very intuitive, simple to use, powerful, and has dead on accuracy. PlanSwift has been a great asset to our company.

Universal Forest Products / Bob C.

Our company, like every New Home Builder today, is looking for ways to increase productivity and decrease expenses. PlanSwift Pro has become the tool that will help us reach that goal. We believe that by using PlanSwift we will literally trim days off of the time it takes us to perform our construction estimates. PlanSwift’s templates allow us to standardize the work of our whole team, and improve our accuracy. All of our estimators immediately saw the advantage that PlanSwift brings…and they all wanted it immediately! Thanks also to the responsive support staff for even the simplest question.

MCCar Homes / Paul Schleif

After discovering that online take off software existed, I quickly discovered a couple a companies that rose to the top of my interest. One company had what seemed like an outstanding program, lots of bells and whistles, an incredible product, but did not offer any one on one tutorials to really show the possibilities of the product as well as the “how to do that” insight. It had lots of time consuming videos which were somewhat helpful, but still left me with a lot of frustration and unanswered questions. For a product that was listing for around $3500, I would “feel” better about spending that kind of money if someone really took the time to show me how that investment would benefit my particular trade/business. That’s exactly what PlanSwift did. The day after I downloaded their free trial, they had someone call me to schedule a one on one tutorial. The tutorial was amazing. It went for almost an hour, and I had most of my questions answered. I got to see different ways that this program could be useful to my takeoff procedure, things I would not have thought of on my own. The tutor was very patient, bright, and knowledgeable about the software. The fact that it costs about a third of the other company’s product helped my decision to purchase PlanSwift, but I have to tell you that the TUTORIAL is what won me over. Excellent customer support and a better price. What more can I say? It’s a great product, with a great foundation that can be built upon to grow and become better and better for years to come

Logic Electric / Kyong Chang

I have 35 years experience in the construction industry including architectural services and general building construction. After viewing many on-screen takeoff programs available, I have chosen PlanSwift. I found the program to be “truly” user-friendly in ease of operation, and very adaptable for most all estimating and takeoff. I have found it to work well with the electronic plan rooms that are available. I am most amazed by the staff supporting the program. With my first issue it took only “one” phone call and about 50 minutes, the problem was resolved and available for download with “two” follow-up phone calls from the staff only minutes later. As a professional construction estimator operating some of the most complicated programs, I believe PlanSwift to be the best of value in its class and truly worth recommending to anyone who requires the ability to perform an on-screen take-off.

Toler Insulating / Wes Hurt

James – Last November I needed to make a decision about which paperless takeoff system to use for my estimating company. I had reviewed [the competition] several times over a three year period, and even installed the demo on my computer. I could never bring myself to make the purchase. I then searched the Internet for on screen estimating systems and found yours. After a brief conversation with you, I downloaded and installed the demo. The difference was immediately recognizable. The program is visually appealing, and intuitive to use. The zoom and pan controls took only a few moments to get used to, and quickly became completely natural. All of the features needed to do takeoff off of both “spots and dots” and linear items took seconds to learn. For those who need good organizational tools for your takeoffs (that would be me), Planswift is also a hit. I am quite pleased with the programs abilities in this area. I have also been quite satisfied with your technical support. I tend to push software packages to the max, always looking for better ways to do things and advanced program capabilities. The tech support staff has never let me down. And finally, the price. A superior product with great tech support for less money. How can you lose?

Carr Consulting Services / Steve Carr

After using PlanSwift and 3 other programs for takeoff, I wanted to tell you what a great program you have. Easy to use, fast, the ability to create custom formulas, the batch rename function, fly away menus, etc. I have been a heavy computer user in construction for 30 years, and have not seen a company respond to users as quickly and as well as you guys do. I’m done looking for takeoff software. Keep up the fine work. Bill Carey VP of Construction Services.

Seaboard Construction Group / Bill Carey

I have researched MANY different take off software programs and have found PlanSwift to be by FAR the least expensive, easiest to learn and easiest to use. It is PERFECT for painting contractors (or any subcontractor trade) who do all forms of commercial work or residential work. My largest painting bid via PlanSwift was $612,000. It took me a total of 3 hours from start to price out the door. No other program saves you more time. It will pay for itself in one week. Double the amount of bids you do = double your sales. Feel free to call me directly for painting specific features I have added (800) 697-5413.

Evergreen Technology / Lynn FIfe

I really like the onscreen digitizing tools. This program is very user-friendly and straightforward. Also, PlanSwift allows me to access assemblies with great ease.

Inxterior / Joey

I have found PlanSwift runs without difficulty, is friendly, and find it fairly easy to navigate.

Greater Electric Texas / Pat Swanson

PlanSwift is a great product that is very systematic and meets the company’s every need.

Mark Molthan Construction / Mark Molthan

I am the I.T. guy for Great Central Lumber. I purchased PlanSwift nearly two months ago and have heard nothing but great feedback from my employees who love it!

Great Central Lumber / Mike Henson

PlanSwift is very easy to use. It is both versatile and accurate. During takeoffs, I am able to easily navigate through the system with little, if any difficulty. With the system updating almost every week, the product gets quicker and quicker to use. The old way of calculating and estimating is a nightmare in comparison to this. Also, I am able to put my templates on a zip drive and take them home with me. I love it. Awesome is the best way I can describe it. Thank you Planswift.

Hayes Masonry Inc. / Troy Hutchins

PlanSwift is much faster than one of the free software programs I downloaded previously. It is far easier to use. I learned the basics in the first couple of weeks just playing around with the software. It automatically puts on the square footage when I am estimating an area. Everything reads great! I had troubles with other companies when I tried converting from PDF to TIF. PlanSwift has made this a very easy and effective process for me. Customer service has been exceptional. No complaints!

Superior / Lori Palmer

This program is so easy to use. I admit I do not know too much when it comes to computers, but with PlanSwift I have been able to move through the software without much trouble. I have no complaints, and customer service has been doing a great job. I could not be happier.

Vertical Industries / Ben Garriott

PlanSwift has increased our accuracy & speed, especially the joist and overlay features. PlanSwift gives us more functionality than programs that COST 3 TIMES as much. Tech support is fantastic, I’ve never been on hold and the chat is instant. PlanSwift is willing to listen and we have recommended several of our clients to them because of their service and product.

Dominion Truss / Kevin Rowe

Derek was great in the fact that he was able to break down the inner workings of this program in laymens terms. His knowledge and understanding of the software & construction trade was the 1-2 knockout punch.Derek taught us more in the 1-1/2 hours help session then we had learned in the 5 days prior.Please let him know how much we enjoyed our session and how great he his.
We have only scratched the surface of what your company has to offer,and I could not say how happy we are with the product & the personal. We can not wait to purchase the program with all the bells & whistles. Great Job!!!!

New Design Builders / Steve Sarandos

One of the things I really like about the program is that it flips everything over to Excel for me. There is a lot of strength in the takeoffs, and I enjoy doing them. PlanSwift is a great product, and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Richard Gemmell / Richard Gemmell

With PlanSwift I am able to scale my dimensions far more accurately than I ever have before. The program is faster and more efficient than any other takeoff software I have used in the past. Customer service has done several on-line sessions for our company. This program pays for itself in no time. Very pleased!

Dixie Plywood / Ken Ainsley

PlanSwift is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It allows me to see and mark my plumbing holes by using the count feature. The technology is so far advanced. I will never again have to use a scale and a pencil to do my measurements. The overlay tool has been a miracle for us. I am able to solve a lot of structural detail by using it. PlanSwift has been very beneficial for us. I would recommend it to anyone.

Kapers / David Braddock

I use PlanSwift quite often and so far everything is going great. My company specialized in estimating parking lots and this software has saved us a ton of time. By simply pressing the ‘A’ key on the keyboard, we are able to get the exact estimates for rounded areas in the lots. This alone has saved us a lot of money. Customer service does a great job helping us get things restored. We absolutely love this software. Thanks PlanSwift!

LS Jensen Construction and Ready Mix / Jared Lockyer

I have heard nothing but good things from my co-workers who use the software. It is very user friendly, very fast, and extremely accurate. We are very pleased!

Superior Insulation / Megan

We stumbled upon this software by accident. We downloaded the trial and were immediately blown away. It is perfect for takeoffs which is what we need it for. It has saved us time and money and is dead on accurate. The tutorial and customer support is awesome. Great product and we will be using it for a long time to come.

Advanced Epoxy Coatings LLC / Joe Beyer

The techs at PlanSwift have been great. I have never had trouble getting a hold of someone when I had a question. Once I figured out how to use the estimating tabs (with help from the tech guys) I have been able to easily sail through the software. Because of PlanSwift I have saved both time and money.

North Georgia Framing / Brad Rush

I have yet to have any problems with this incredible program. I use it for painting and I have had not problems doing the takeoffs, in fact, they have been pleasingly easy to navigate through. I had troubles getting my plans into the system of the previous product I was using, but with PlanSwift this is a quick and easy process to manage. I started by leasing the program, due to my skepticism from other programs I had ordered before. Today, however, I am a proud owner of the software. I am very happy to see what PlanSwift has to offer for the future.

Jade Mailloux & Sons, Inc / Greg Grover

PlanSwift is a vital everyday tool in our office. This is the most user friendly Takeoff software I have found.

Moore Masonry & Restoration Inc. / James Moore

We have been using PlanSwift for a few weeks, and it’s fantastic!

Wilbedone, Inc. / Richard LoGerfo

To say the least I’m impressed with this software and with PlanSwift as a whole. The price is more than fair. And I’ve only been using this for about 3-4 days maybe and can’t imagine not having it. I’ve already downloaded multiple projects and my productivity levels have increased dramatically. No longer am I burning gas and putting miles on my truck chasing and returning drawings! That’s huge! But this thing is so easy to grasp it’s unreal. I haven’t been this excited about my business in a long time!

Mike Kellogg / Mike Kellogg

This program is amazing, if there is something you want it to do, just ask em it probably alrady does it.

Carr Consulting / Stephen Carr

PlanSwift is an easy little contraption to use. It is clear and to the point, and it takes the guesswork out of everything. Great product!

Hanover Rona Building Centre / Brian Domm

We are very happy with PlanSwift. We originally bought the program to be able to convert our PDF files into the software. Now, however, we realize there is so much more to it than just that. PlanSwift has helped increase our efficiency on the larger takeoffs we do, which has saved us mass amounts of time. The techs are always there when we need them, never fail. So far, so good. Very happy!

Component Structures / Rob Meyers

PlanSwift has been an excellent software for the company. It has worked really well for projecting a lot of our smaller houses we do, and it is so easy to learn how to run the software. I am really excited to see what PlanSwift has to offer for the future. They constantly are updating the program. All in all, it’s been a great program. Thanks!

Arizona Arches and Lumber / T.J. Rueb

This program is very logical. I really like that I can do my estimating digitally. I have not had time to use the program a whole lot, however, unlike other programs, I have yet to encounter any problems. The free on-line training session was very helpful. The tech guys knew the program inside and out. I am very satisfied with this program.

R.F. Designs LLC / Jo Forster

Our company is moving in a new, digital direction and PlanSwift gives us the ability to do so with ease.

Usa Floor-tec / Mark Sevarino

PlanSwift is a very simple to use program that will save us hours of time per takeoff. You can’t beat the price and customer service that comes with it. Thanks.

Advanced Drywall Inc. / Leo Marchesseault

PlanSwift has done an excellent job in developing this software. I am a builder and over 65 years old and I am not a computer smart person. Nevertheless, in a few hours, I was able to do a take off [areas, linear footage and counts] on a three story house I am building in Georgia. the accuracy was outstanding. Thanks.

Tom Santora / Tom Santora – Georgia

With more and more plans coming in via email and the internet, we saw the need for electronic takeoff software. We reviewed several packages with the intent to select the best package based on features, user friendliness, and value. PlanSwift won easily, beating out more expensive products, some with big names in the industry. My advice.. take a trial run as we did, and you will buy this product.

Herbert Construction / Michael Hatfield

PlanSwift is great because I am able to import plans without having to do it manually. The digitizer is a time saving tool. Also, the updates are frequent and have proven to be effective.

Star Concrete Foundations, Inc. / William Stone

PlanSwift is easy to learn from, whereas other programs are sometimes complex and can be hard to comprehend. I like the new designs!

Briter Enterprise / Kenny Delgado

No grievances, makes estimating much easier, very intuitive. All-in-all, PlanSwift is a great product.

AAA Quality Painting / James Rooney

PlanSwift is convenient and easy to use. It is a well-rounded and user-friendly system.

Brigade / Brian Shook

I love PlanSwift and everything about it. This product is so easy to use.

Interior Classics Inc. / Louis Bartulovic

There is nothing about this program that I dislike. PlanSwift is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Streamline Waterproofing and Caulking / Ed Kobisky

First class customer service! I like this product, it is very user-friendly and I am easily able to put assemblies together. Takeoffs are straightforward and easy to follow. PlanSwift gives you the ability to make nice, printable templates. I use this program for my granite, countertops, drywall, framing, and much more. I highly recommend PlanSwift for everyone in the construction industry.

Phenix Home Developers / Jeff Dinam

The updates are easy, estimating is easy, and inputting information is easy. PlanSwift is great!

Quatro Investment LLC / Ann

I absolutely love what PlanSwift has to offer. PlanSwift has saved me time and energy (about 1/10 of the time) and not only that, I am able to roll through the program with great ease. I have never seen anything like it.

R & R Acquisition / Cam Mead

Very useful package.

GDC & CO LLC / Hassan Imam

I’m flying on this thing! Bidding more jobs, more accurately than ever!

Tile Depot / Tim

Saves time and money. Easy to use. Staff is unbelievably supportive. Best system I have ever used.

Toronto insulation / Alex Magennis

I absolutely love this program. It does a lot for what I need. It is very user friendly. I am able to get areas measured more accurately. I often have to measure arches, which used to be a pain, but with Planswift it only takes one click of the “A” key to do this. Very simple, we really enjoy it.

Cornerstone Paving, Inc. / Bruce Cordes

I’m the IT guy here at Tucker Paving and to be honest, have not had much time to look into the program for myself. However, my guys love it! They have informed me that the product has proven to be both helpful and easy to use. PlanSwift has helped our company save time and money (the product actually pays for itself) and I was able to install the program without any problems. The set up is so simple! One of the service techs ran me through a free on-line demo and was able to answer all my questions without any troubles. Customer service has been great. My guys have no complaints, and neither do I. Thanks PlanSwift.

Tucker Paving / Jeff Taylor

One of the greatest things about PlanSwift is the amount of time you will save using this software. It is very easy to utilize, user friendly, and customer service has been phenomenal. Mike was the online trainer who patiently walked me through the program, step by step until I understood every bit of it. I just want to say thank you to Mike and to PlanSwift for all they do. PlanSwift is truly an amazing program!

European Marble and Granite / Marc Anderson

I am absolutely blown away by what PlanSwift has to offer. I ordered the software a little over a month ago and I am far more confident than ever before when doing takeoffs. Water and gas work are among a few of the things we specialize in and PlanSwift has come in handy for all aspects of work we do. This software is guaranteed to pay for itself. Updates are frequent and effective. We are truly lovin’ it!

Miller Paving and Construction / Mike Thomas

We have been reviewing digital display and takeoff software for several years. In our most recent review, PlanSwift instantly stood out as the best product on the market for its features, ease of use, and learning curve. We use PlanSwift for primarily for takeoff, but it has also proven useful for training and on-line collaboration. It is very important to us that estimating tools allow for extensive editing and organizational activities. PlanSwift has filled those requirements with flying colors. We are able to create takeoffs and reports that are ready for input into our company’s electrical database with no further revisions. Please accept our thanks for making paperless construction estimating practical for our company.

Carr Consulting Services / Stephen F. Carr

I can’t give enough praise for the product and the great people that support it. After buying this for two previous companies and now an independent estimator, I depend on this product every day. We just won a contract for a large Toyota dealership that I could not have done without PlanSwift. Well, not as fast and not as accurate! Thanks PlanSwift, you guys are number one in my book. Michael Hatfield Atlanta Estimator Independent Estimating Services

Atlanta Estimator / Michael Hatfield

One of the main reasons I really enjoy this software is because it is so easy to use. I do a lot of commercial projects and PlanSwift has been a tremendous help. I have absolutely no doubts in my mind PlanSwift is the greatest online estimating software out there. PlanSwift’s great!

Vanguard Construction / Dennis Darger

Since using Planswift, exporting my items to excel has been much easier than it was with other programs I have used in the past. Overall I truly enjoy using this software, and not only that it has been a tremendous help when it comes to saving time and money. Anytime I have encountered a problem, customer service has been there to answer all my questions. The tech and support guys have been great thus far, and I’m confident we will continue to see great customer service down the road. Thanks Planswift!

Onshore Construction and Dev. / Ryan Kelly

Planswift is very easy to use and saves time. This program will pay for itself in no time. I am able to do three to four takeoffs a day rather than just one. Since using Planswift I have been able to bid far more jobs than I ever did in the past. My employees have also benefited a great deal by using the program. It’s been great!

Corry’s Tile Creations / Giuseppe Mangiafico

Even though I have yet to use the software to its full capacity, I like what I have seen so far. I use it for measurements and cannot believe how much time I have saved. I am able to get my square footage by simply clicking and highlighting the areas. I can’t stress how easy this program is to utilize. No more plan tables, and best of all, no more rulers!

Xceptional Construction LLC / Hyrum Johnson

This is a sweet program! It came down to either Planswift of On Center, and after little research, I found that Planswift is not only less expensive, it is far more advanced than any of its competitors. There is so much to say about this great software, and so much I really like about it. The customer service team is always there to tackle any questions I have. Thank you, thank you, thank you Planswift!

A-United Con. Inc. / Derald Peay

I really like this software and so do my employees. We have all benefited a whole lot since using Planswift, and the takeoffs are so easy to do. At first, my guys were somewhat hesitant about whether or not they wanted to make the transition of going digital. Most of us around here are not computer geniuses. Now, however, we are all happy we made the switch from paper, to digital. Even if you have no computer skills, you can still easily figure out how to use this program. This program is sure to pay for itself within no time. It has freed up time for our employees and customer service is always there for us whenever we have questions. I highly recommend Planswift to anyone in the Construction industry.

Charles T. Driscoll Masonry Restoration Co. i / Steve Driscoll

Planswift is great! One of the things I really like about the program is it is far more user friendly than any of the previous programs I have used in the past. I use it to measure windows and it has been extremely accurate. The tech guys are great, and are always there to answer any questions I may have. I highly recommend using this software.

Outlook Construction / Shannon Cross

I have used other software programs that were extremely complex in the past. Planswift rises above all the others. This program is so easy to use, and when (if ever) I have any problems, the technical support guys are always there to help me. It works perfect for what I need, saves time, money, and the estimating is so much easier than ever before. I now have all my prints e-mailed to me. I am buying another license sometime in the near future, and I’m sure many more to come.

Steel Structures / Matt Petrat

I like how often Planswift automatically updates the software. The TIF conversion has been great. I am able to do the same amount of work in a lot less time using Planswift. This has enabled me to get more bids done. I’ve showed the software off to a lot of my competitors and most, if not all, are really interested in learning more about it. I use Planswift day in and day out for the landscape work that I do, and I have to say it is one of the most incredible pieces of software I have seen around. I really enjoy it.

GWT, Inc. / Travis Tueller

I love what this product has done for me so far, and am a very happy customer of Planswift. I am able to do more bidding because of the amount of time I have saved. Planswift has really been a Godsend for me and my employees, who all love the software. Some of us do not have strong computer backgrounds, but because it is so easy to use, no one is bothered. We are excited to see what Planswift will bring in the future.

Zamgen Inc. / Matt Graham

I like how I can overlay siding details with Planswift, whereas before this could sometimes be a difficult task. I am able to measure my window, doors, floors, roofs, etc. I am able to line things up more easily than I had before. The overlay tool has been awesome with its pinpoint accuracy. This software hits all the right spots.

Pacific Lifestyle Homes / Jon Pudlitzke

Jobs that once took an hour or longer, I can now do in under fifteen minutes. The program has paid for itself already, with all the time I have saved since using it. Not only that, but the tech guys, Mike and Patrick have been really helpful in getting things up and running for me, or answering any questions I have had. They are both very friendly and funny too. I highly recommend this product to everyone who has a computer. We love it!

Southern Flooring / Reed

PlanSwift has been very helpful for the really big projects I have been doing. I really like the program. The bookmark tab, makes it easy for me to dig into my previous jobs that I need to pull up. This is something I had never seen in prior software’s I have purchased in the past. I have No complaints. The tech service has been top-notch. They always return my calls, which is hard to find in other companies. The guys at PlanSwift have done a fantastic job, above and beyond what anyone else has to offer. I would happily recommend PlanSwift to anybody.

Hess Caulking and Restoration / Chad Dockery

I just finished my online session with Patrick. I purchased this program right away. PlanSwift will save so much time in estimates. It is much easier to understand and use than the other program I was using, at 1/3 of the cost. No More dongle. I can use PlanSwift on any computer.

Enterprise Tile and Stone / Mike Babbel

No grievances, makes estimating much easier, it’s very user friendly

T & W Spic and Span Cleaning Services / Natasha

I use the software and it works great! It saves me so much time doing take-offs that it pays for itself everytime I use it.

Mulford Concrete / Steve Novy

This program has saved me an tremendous amount of time and reduced error. Pays for itself in one job.

MV Momentum / Dean Vaughan

PlanSwift is an accurate and efficient means for taking off and estimating in today’s market. You are able to use several downloads and formats from web based sites to input into PlanSwift to create estimates. I have used this program side by side with several different softwares and compared it to the digitized information as contractors usually use and have found that the margin of accuracy was at most 2% difference from alternate methods. In today’s market every quantity counts and your accuracy is the biggest ally you have when pricing these jobs. I would strongly recommend PlanSwift to anyone in the construction or estimating market, and have.

Dubose Construction Company LLC / Nathan Edwards

PlanSwift has changed my life as an estimator. I just bid a job in one day that would’ve taken over a week to do the old way. I love it.

Universal Roofing & Contracting Services / Michael Fitzpatrick

I’ve been in the Design-Build industry for more than 20 years and used a lot of sophisticated estimating programs like W****t, but it is incredible the potential that was unleashed when I started use PlanSwift, first the uncomplicated way to use it and secondly the convenience of customizing it to yours need and finally, the affordable price that you invest in the software. Awesome!

RAS Construction Corp / Reiner A. Sanchez

I couldn’t live without PlanSwift, my clients love what I kick out to them from PlanSwift

Cherokee Construction Consultants /

I wanted to write you and express my feelings about PlanSwift. When I first found an advertisement for PlanSwift in a construction journal, I thought ,” great “, another estimating software. I have tried similar products in the past, and nothing has really stuck. Either too complicated, setup takes too long or moving through the platform has not improved my speed. I have always resorted back to hard line drawings which I am more comfortable with. I started to close the journal, when I noticed there was a free trial. That’s when I spent the time to go on the website and I learned a lot more. The video instructions that you supplied were better than any higher priced software that I used before. I was up and running in one night. Since the free trial and your support, I have purchased it. It is very reasonable. I have increased my efficiency in producing bids and I think that is improving as I have the time to watch the videos. I am not being solicited to write this letter, I just wanted to tell you and a few old timers that might see this, that this software is very (very!) user friendly. Thanks again for your support, Best Regards.

Tedco Corp. / Ted Lewis

With the ever increasing pace and complexity of modern software systems, enabling them to communicate together efficiently can at times be a laborious process. Planswift have managed to obviate many of the common problems that arise through integration. By creating an open platform, they have taken a proactive approach to development and integration. This enables users of their software to extend the out-of-the-box functionality, broadening the scope for future expansion. By integrating our own software with Planswift and with the help of their exceptional Integration and Support team, we have increased efficiency and accuracy of our process. Development of this integration has been a genuine pleasure, having only scratched the surface of the capabilities of the platform, I am confident future versions will be truly exceptional.

Leighs Paints / Justin Hannant

I purchased PlanSwift 5 years ago and it was the best investment we ever made. We give the most itemized proposals for painting and plastering. This has increased our business and profit margin by 30-40 percent. Thank you very much for a top notch product. Best regards, Thomas doran President Paint- Tech associates ( nyc)

Paint-Tech Associates / Thomas Doran

Thank you Ryan! PlanSwift is a total homerun.

City Interiors / Steven Saponaro

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