PlanSwift give you the ability to have a virtual plantable anywhere you go.

Because PlanSwift allows you to download plans directly to you computer then work with them there it is just like having a plan table anywhere.

zoom function

There is even the added benefit of being able to re-size plans as you work with them. When you need to see great detail, you can zoom in close to the plans with one button, then when you need to see the “big picture”, again you can zoom back out.

Anything you could do on a plan table you can do in PlanSwift. The program is built with a complete set of tools to help you get you takeoffs and estimates done in less time than ever.

Want to take the plans with you, and not carry even your computer. Simply download the plans to your smart phone like an iPhone and be on your way. That is diffidently something you would never be able to do with a real plan table.

Download PlanSwift today and start using is as your new virtual plan table.