Major “Green” building projects are starting. First Wind has started construction on its Milford II project. This and other projects like it are being built by major companies, with large amounts of private and government funding. More than likely outside of your normal league.

Nevertheless, what are you doing to be a part of the green energy-renewable energy trend?  You cannot look at it and not see it for a major place to be making money.

Moreover, I am not just talking about if you are a large hundreds of millions of dollar a year company.  No matter what size you should be looking into this. There is money to be made here if you are willing to take even the slightest bit of effort.

For smaller companies think local and smaller.

What type of specialty could you get into? Look for a niche that is growing but nobody has claimed as theirs yet.  Make yourself the expert in this group, a category of one.  Say recycled materials, earth friendly materials, renewable energies, and how to build them into a house.

The key is to pick something and become the expert on it.  For growing specialties like green, this is not hard. It may be a simple as saying you are the expert. If you know more than the people do, you are working for you are an expert.

As you become the expert and get more involved, you will find yourself learning more and becoming even more of an expert.

Right now, there is no real “right way” to do most green construction projects. Nobody has done them yet. As you become the first you will encounter problems. Find ways around them and now you are the one who knows how to do it. Perpetuating your expert status.

Do not limit yourself to one area.

Become the expert for the region you are in, not just the area you do most of your work.  In Vermont, I would become the expert for all of Burlington.

Speak to groups, schools and civic organization, hey write a book on the subject.  When you become the person everyone wants to talk to on a project and would love to have build for them you get to charge what you want and never need to be looking for work.

The experts in any field are never in need to finding work. They always have more than they can handle. By becoming the expert yourself you will be sure to keep work coming at you.

It takes a bit of work up front but once you have done just a bit of legwork, you will be set.