Utilities estimate work can be very profitable for the right contractors. The key is to be able to get the estimates done quickly and in the least amount of time.

Utilities estimateThat might sound like the same thing but in reality quickly and in least amount of time can be two different items.

Estimates need to be done quickly because people give preference to the first estimate received. Studies have been done and have found that the first bid received wins at a higher rate than the would be expected.

This could be because of many different reasons but does go to show the importance of being the first bidder. This means you need to be able to produce an estimate quickly, even if it means working all night.

Utilities Estimate

This brings up estimating in short amounts of time. Staying up all night to complete an estimate quickly should not be the plan. You need to set up a system of tools that allows you to complete estimates in minutes not hours.

There are ways to fulfill both of these requirements.

  • You could outsource your estimating to a third party.
  • You could develop a business model in which you don’t need to win work often.
  • You could invest in the tools to allow yourself to gain the advantage over everyone else and win a larger amount of work than anybody else.

If you decide to win and go with plan three one of the best tools you could invest in is PlanSwift takeoff and estimating software.

This one program can reduce your Utilities Estimate efforts to provide takeoffs and estimates by 90%. To see how this is done download PlanSwift today and register for your free training.