Truss Swift is a great addition to PlanSwift construction takeoff and estimating software. The added ability to handle truss calculations quickly onscreen is a great reason to use PlanSwift.

From the beginning, PlanSwift has been designed with the philosophy of allowing the user to customize their interface and enhance the abilities of PlanSwift.

To make a program that is all things to all contractors would require an extremely complex program that would cost many thousands of dollars to purchase. In the end, this program would probably be far to completed for most users and would have required them to pay for options and features they would never use.

This is why PlanSwift went the other direction. By creating a very powerful base program that can handle most requirements but then allowing outside developers to create plugins that will add even more to the program, PlanSwift has created a program that is ideal for everyone.

The contractors who need a powerful construction takeoff and estimating program can use PlanSwift 9 Professional. Then for those contractors who need or want a bit more, they can enhance PlanSwift with additional plugins.

Truss estimating is a great example of the power of plugins. With the addition of this simple plugin truss estimating becomes a swift process, saving countless hours to labor.

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