The market for PlanSwift plugin is growing rapidly as the program continues to in popularity among contractors of all sizes and trades. This means the demand for plugins for the SwiftMarket will continue to grow.

One major tip is to talk to the consumer to find out what they need. This may sound intuitive but very few people actually do it. Because it is the consumer who will ultimately pay you for the plugin it is helpful to find out what they are willing to pay for.

They may be willing to pay more than you think to solve a problem you had not yet thought would be that big a deal.

Consumers buy to solve the pain they feel not necessarily, what they need. Look around and you will see this all the time. How many times have you seen people whose house is falling down around them, about to evicted but watching at 50+ inch HD television? They did not need the television but that was the pain they felt so it was solved.

When designing plugin think about the pain your end user will be willing to pay to solve.

You should also consider the situations in which the plugin will be used and how to make it better fit the situation. How could you make something better? Will your plugin be used on the job site, the office, with a table pad? Think how you could improve what is already available to work better in these situations or how you could make your new plugin better for the situation it will be used in.

The demand for plugins is already high and will grow even more when PlanSwift 9 is released. If you are looking for more information on developing plugins please check out the resources in our Developer Documents or see our Forum to get in touch with contractors using PlanSwift to see what they types of plugins they could use.