PlanSwift offers many great features to help with tile estimating. On the top of the list is the grid tool.

tile estimating with grid toolAlthough it might not sound like much this is a very powerful and useful tool for tiling. What this tool does in allow you to way a grid on any surface, like a floor. You can specify the width of the grid cells along with orientation and rotation. You can even select a starting point other than the middle.

In the end, the tool will allow you to estimate the number of tiles you will need for a project and produce an excellent takeoff.

Here is a quick video showing how to use this powerful tool. Grid Tool Video

Sometimes it is the small features that can really make a big difference in the usefulness of a program. The grid tool is just one of dozens of features you may not know about.

The best way to discover these features is to try PlanSwift for 2 weeks and take advantage of the free training programs offered.

There is a reason why PlanSwift is the number one construction takeoff and estimating software in the business, maybe it is time for you find out why.