PlanSwift offers an amazing way to do tile estimating, a way that will save time and produce amazingly accurate results.

PlanSwift is loaded with many great tools to help any user estimate the amount of tile needed for any job.

For most users the greatest tool for estimating tile is the grid tool. This tool allows users to lay out a grid in an area and at any orientation. Even the starting point can be set, allowing a very accurate estimate to happen.

Tile Estimating

“Jobs that once took an hour or longer, I can now do in under fifteen minutes. The program has paid for itself already, with all the time I have saved since using it. Not only that, but the tech guys, Mike and Patrick have been really helpful in getting things up and running for me, or answering any questions I have had. They are both very friendly and funny too. I highly recommend this product to everyone who has a computer. We love it!”-Southern Flooring / Reed

Once the grid is laid out, PlanSwift allows you to add materials, tools and labor to the grid. This is another amazing feature. By building all the materials needed, the tools and even the labor into an assembly you can almost instantly add all of this to any area.

PlanSwift even has the ability to allow you to add markup to anything creating instant estimates and bids for customers.

To experience the power, speed and tools of  Tile Estimating with PlanSwift 9.0 you can
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