Successful contractors know the power for using online planrooms and construction estimating software together. Both of these tools are amazingly powerful on their own, but when put together add up to something greater.

Online planrooms are a great tool for any contractor especially in today’s tough economy, where builders need to bid more jobs to keep themselves and their crews busy. With these online planrooms, plans can be accessed and bid made any time of day for very little cost.

Construction takeoff and estimating software is a major help in saving time and allowing contractors to create estimates, bids and takeoffs in 10% the time it would take to do by hand. These time savings allow contractors to complete more estimates in the same time and get more bids out on more projects, increasing the likelihood of winning work.

However, when used alone these tools can create bottlenecks for construction companies. The planrooms can easily provide access to more jobs than anyone can estimate by hand. This can be a very frustrating time for anyone. Knowing there is work that could be bid if only the time was there to bid it, and needing to decide what jobs to work on before estimating can begin.

Estimating software when used by its self can leave contractors with time to estimate but no jobs in the queue for them to work. With the need to travel to planrooms and reprographic firms to get plans and the high cost this can put contractors in the position of having completed all the plans they have. This on top of the issue of dealing with after hours, weekend and holiday schedules of planrooms.

Even with these bottlenecks, planrooms and estimating software are great tools that often pay for themselves in the first couple of uses.

It is the combination of the two that can create a power force allowing contractors to be highly successful and stay continuously busy.

By using the two together, online planrooms and construction software, the bottlenecks can be completely removed allowing for great success. With the use of online planrooms, contractors will always have access to plans and jobs to bid. Then contractors can make short work of the estimates with the software.

Sometimes one plus one equals something greater than two. With online planrooms and construction estimating software building contractors can get just such an amazing result.