PlanSwift allows for swift sub work estimating because the program allows plans to be quickly sent to any number of sub contractors in one easy motion.

Send plans swiftly to sub contractorsThis ability to send either the entire plans or only select pages to lists of email address is a major feature of PlanSwift. This ability to select plan pages and who to send them to in only seconds can save loads of time.

The subcontractors can then download the plans when they are ready, not just when you send them, and begin working on them right then.

PlanSwift can even do this with Adobe PDF files allow contractors to do takeoffs right from any PDF file. This is done by an automatic process inside PlanSwift that will convert the file when you start a job.

This will allow the subcontractors to receive digital plans when you send them. They can then either print the plans and do takeoffs and estimates by hand or use a construction software program to do onscreen estimates and takeoffs.

Either way you will provide subcontractors the type of plans they want allowing them to swiftly complete the work estimates you want.

And don’t worry about sending PlanSwift plans to any contractor who has not yet adopted the program, PlanSwift has a free plans reader they can download to view the plans.

PlanSwift understands your time in the most valuable thing you have, so we do everything we can to help you save it.