Estimating Software for Construction That Can Save You Time And Money

The latest batch of takeoff and estimating software programs on the market have made estimating faster, easier and more accurate than ever before.

In this example, we will look at PlanSwift the leading program on the market.

PlanSwift construction takeoff and estimating software

The first step is to digitize you current plans, if not already done. (So far, you can’t just show your plans to a computer and have it work with them. But maybe soon.) You can do this by scanning your paper document.

If you already have your plans in a digital format or if you have now converted it, you are ready to go to the next step.

I will use PlanSwift in this example because they are the best and easiest to learn software.

The second step here is to start marking estimates. You can calculate areas, linear, segments and counts with just a click of the mouse.

For area, select the area tool from PlanSwift’s main menu tab. Select the area, the program can even work around curves or allow you freehand if you want. The program makes it easy to color code different areas for easy reference later.

Linear estimates can be done in much the same way, just use the PlanSwift linear estimating tool. Segments and counts are just as easily.

That is it, you have now completed your construction job estimating. With the color coding you can provide customers with different estimates with just a couple more click.

You can get a FREE 14 day trial of PlanSwift and training to see just how great this program can be.