It is easy to keep up to date with what is happening at PlanSwift Swift Times. There are three main ways and you can pick any combination you want.

  1. Subscribe to this Swift Blog. At the top or your browser you should see a small orange button, select that and follow the commands and you will be updated anytime a new post is made on this blog.
  2. Join the forum. The PlanSwift forum can be found at and is full of useful, interesting and help materials. Feel free to share with others what you have learned or ask for ideas on how to deal with unique problems. Our PlanSwift support staff does their best to monitor the forum and make sure you are getting the right answers.

It is hard with today’s demands on our time, so getting swift updates in important for all of us. This is one more way PlanSwift does its best to save you time so make sure you use swift times to your advantage.