Discover the new way to calculate your construction cost when bidding

swift table work with softwareCalculating your average construction cost can be a pain in the neck. Pen and paper in hand, calculator next to you sitting at the table swiftly running one set of numbers after the next. You can easily spend hours getting estimates together for one job. Are you sure you have included everything by the time you are done?

There’s a much easier way

The new round of construction estimating software available can make this entire process faster, easier and more accurate. All of these programs allow you to view plans and run the calculations needed for estimates. In addition, most of these programs will put together a nice, professional looking package for you to give to your clients.

All this will free you up to do more work if you want, or have more time for yourself if you prefer.

But what will it cost you?

The downside is that many of these estimating software programs can cost as much $3,000.00. Ouch! How much is your time really worth? To pay for that you will need to work extra hours.

However, there is one option out there that is 1/3 that price at $950. This one program is simply, hands down, the best on the market. It does everything the more expensive programs do, and more.

  • Use any file format you want.
  • Run takeoffs fast.
  • Share your work, even blueprints, fast and easy.
  • Do multiple estimates at one time.

You may feel you should be in handcuffs for getting software at such a steal!

If you act now, we’ll even throw in for free:

  • Personalized 1-on-1 training with one of our trainers. Not some canned training video that leads to a sales pitch, but honest training so PlanSwift will do what you want it to do.
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  • Instant access right now. Even if it’s 2:00 a.m., you can get started with this amazing program.
  • The ability to invest in the best estimating and takeoff software on the market for 1/3 the price other companies charge for similar programs.
  • Plus moreā€¦

Yep, we are giving you the whole enchilada for FREE. Because we are that sure that once you try PlanSwift, you will not want to go back. Just take a moment and complete the form below. You will then be instantly taken to a page with your personal access code, where you can download Planswift.

After trying this program for 14 days, if you still want to spend the extra money on another program that gives you the same stuff, go for it. On the other hand, you could just send the money to me, I do need a new boat!

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