Swift Supplier – Partnering with the most influential suppliers

I have spent most of my time in the construction field so I have asked myself “Who are the most influential construction suppliers in your area.   What kind of partnership could you set up with them?”

Not talking illegal or unethical actions.  But what type of arrangements could you set up with these influential suppliers?  Take a minute and think and what can you offer to these companies to make their lives easier.  Maybe an ad campaign you split but you take care of all the hassles.  How about a lecture dinner for all their customers hosted by you talking about some great topic.

Swift supplierI have used that one often.  Hosted a networking dinner where I brought in a time management expert to talk.  Everybody would love to find have more time so these are always well attended.

Why would I do this?

Two main reasons and countless smaller.  The two main reasons being, association with influential supplier and reciprocity.

By hosting the event my name become attached and thought of along with the influential suppliers.  This allows me to open door I would never have been able to before.  I am remembered so people let me get my foot in the door.  I know from there I can get the work I want.

Reciprocity is a massively underused technique.   And it is not underhanded either.  By providing a great value to others in my industry they then take an effort to reciprocate back to me.  This may be by a referral or recommendation.  Could just be by giving me a chance to bid on work I would never otherwise have been allowed to bid on.  In the end more always comes back to me than I sent out.

Most of these influential suppliers if they are smart will be more than happy to have you come and partner with them. They understand there is great benefits to offer value to their customers. By partnering with you they are able to provide this with limit cost to them.