PlanSwift is a great tool allowing subcontractors to swiftly create estimates and takeoffs and to send plans quickly.

PlanSwift is a great tool for any subcontractor to have in their pocket. It allows for quick and simple work.

As more planrooms and GCs start using, PlanSwift it is becoming a common tool that help integrate with these groups.

The send plan feature of PlanSwift is a great tool for any subcontractor. With this feature, you can simply email plans, screenshots and files to as many people as you want in a quick, secure fashion.

With this tool from inside PlanSwift you can mark the pages you want to send and enter the emails address to use. The pages will them automatically be uploaded to a secure server and an encoded link will be sent to everyone on the list.

This has the great benefit of making the sending quickly but also has a benefit to the receiver. Because the large file is not automatically sent and downloaded the receiver will not have their connection bogged down.

With more people now using smart phones to access email this can be an issue. These devices are great for staying connected, but do not handle large files well. Sometimes this can cause files to be deleted or otherwise lost. Not a great thing when sending files back to a GC.

To help you better understand how PlanSwift can help you as a subcontractor you can download a FREE 14 DAY TRIAL by clicking here.