How to Make Working With Construction Blueprints Easy

Construction blueprints can be a complete pain to work with. Taking measurement, keeping track of the blueprints, going back to the office after forgetting stuff, the time it takes to email them back and forth.

Luckily, there is a new way to work with blueprints that solves many of these problems.

The first step is to digitize your blueprints. This is the new standard. Professionals are regularly changing over to digital only blueprints.

Programs like PlanSwift make this fast and trouble free. Simply scan your file then ask the program to convert the file. Done.

After this, you can easily take any measurement you want from these blueprints with just a few click of a mouse. Lengths, area, linear, segment, and counts are right at your fingertips. The program will even color code your work for easy reference.

PlanSwift's send plan feature PlanSwift has also solved the problem of emailing blueprints. The file size of blueprint makes them challenging to email back and forth especially if you need to email them to many people. The blueprints slow your computer when you send them out and take forever to download into an email reader on the other end. This is a good way to lose friends fast, tie up their computer while they download a blueprint, they are not ready for yet.

However, when working with PlanSwift you will have the option to upload your blueprints to their server then just email everybody the link to this file. They can download the file when they have time and need it.

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