PlanSwift is a swift way to get the amount of pipe needed for any project. Because the program works with original plans, fast and accurate pluming takeoffs can be done in no time.

PlanSwift offers the ability to:

  • Color code piping to allow for quick view of pipe sizes.
  • Count tool to allow for easy counting in items.
  • Assembly based takeoffs so all the parts, material, tools and labor are all associated with one assembly that is quickly deployed when needed.
  • Ability to work with all file types.
  • Advanced report setting.
  • Determine lengths even in there are no measurement on the span.

“PlanSwift is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It allows me to see and mark my plumbing holes by using the count feature. The technology is so far advanced. I will never again have to use a scale and a pencil to do my measurements. The overlay tool has been a miracle for us. I am able to solve a lot of structural detail by using it. PlanSwift has been very beneficial for us. I would recommend it to anyone.”-Kapers / David Braddock


PlanSwift is a very powerful tool for any plumbing professional with amazing abilities and growth potential.

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