PlanSwift gives you a swift way to estimate materials needed for any job. By including materials as a part of a pre-build assembly, material estimation can be completed in second.

Swift way to calcuatate materials in constructionWith PlanSwift’s assembly based estimating all the materials, part, tools and labor can be built into calculations that are then deployed when needed.

When these parts are deployed the program does all the calculations to determine the amount of materials and parts that needed, the tools required and the labor hours required to finish the project.

From the calculations material costs can be broken out, by project, area, type any way you can think to break the numbers down, PlanSwift can do the math.

This type of assembly based estimating is a tremendous time saver. The time involved in estimating now can be reduced by 90%, allowing estimators to get ten times more estimates done in a day or to be freed up to do other tasks that need to get done.