PlanSwift is a great way to swiftly get estimates done to the letter of the specifications. With the ability to reduce estimating times and increase accuracy takeoff and estimating software is the way to move forward in today’s economy.

PlanSwift construction takeoff and estimating software

Keeping estimates to the letter of the rules in a key step in making successful estimates. With the abundance of construction companies all vying for the same work it is now harder than ever to get work. It is become the norm to disqualify bid for the smallest errors, there’s enough other bids that do qualify that there is no need to look at the incorrect ones.

What this means for the contractor is now they need to both estimates more and is more precise when estimating.

The only way to do both of these and continue to have a life is to adopt construction takeoff and estimating software. With programs like PlanSwift, the time required to estimate can be reduced by 90% and the accuracy can be maintained or improved.

With this type of advantage, contractors can increase the amount of business they are getting, even in these hard times.