PlanSwift contains many gadgets or plugins to make the life of construction estimators easier. With any gadget, the user can find a swift way to add versatility and power to the already amazing PlanSwift takeoff and estimating program.

PlanSwift is build around the idea that the user should be able to customize their estimating programs so it works the way the user wants and not the other way around. At the same time, PlanSwift is built on the idea that it should be easy to use.

After a lot of research the best way to do this is to create an amazingly powerful and useful program but them allow users to add abilities if they want.

This way the program is useable by 95% of the contractors right out of the box, and is very easy to use. Then for the advanced users who need a bit more, there is a way to swiftly add exactly what they need.

In this fashion, users end up with a program that easy to use and do not contain a lot of unused parts and pieces, which can lead to confusion and trouble.

This is just one of the reasons PlanSwift is the number 1 takeoff and estimating software on the market.
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