As construction jobs swiftly became hard to find many former workers decided to do the American thing and opened up their own business. This has been good for many of them as it has provided away for them to continue to earn a living.

However, there is a dark side to this trend, and only the people prepared to deal with it will be around in the near future. And this big dark side is simply…

There are now significantly more bidders on any job.

This has major ramifications to everyone in the business. With more bidders, estimates will need to be more precise than ever. Too high or too low and the work will not pay. With more bid there will be more people right in the same range than ever before.

With more bidders, so close first bid preference will become even more important. There has always been a certain, undeniable preference for the first bid submitted, and all other bids have been measured against this first one. This is especially prevalent when price is not the deciding point, such as when two bids are very close.

Only those companies who are able to estimate quickly and accurately will be able to do well. This is why many of the best companies have already started to use PlanSwift software.

By using PlanSwift, they have been able to reduce the time it takes to complete takeoffs and estimates and in many cases even improve the accuracy of their work.

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