The PlanSwift blog is a swift way to save yourself time and effort when you want to stay up to date with current events, news and technology for the construction industry.

At PlanSwift, we understand your need to get work done quickly, that is why we built our software to save you so much time, but we also know you need to be able to find the news and help you need fast.

We go out daily in the process of helping our customers find what is working and what is changing in the industry. We then bring this information back for you, in a condensed fashion. No need to search everything, we have done our best to make sure it is hear for you.

Anything you would like to know about feel free to make a comment and we will see what we can do.

PlanSwift understands your time is valuable to you, so we do everything we can everyday to help you save as much time as possible. One more reason we have created the Swift Blog here at to make your day less time consuming.