PlanSwift is an amazing tool for the swift architect to help them get more done in less time. This construction takeoff and estimating software program allows users to estimate directly from original plans including PDFs and CAD formats.

swift architect plansThis ability to work directly with any type of plans is an architect’s dream. Now estimates and takeoffs can be done in a matter of minutes verse the hours it would have taken.

A key this high speed effort is the assembly based methods used by PlanSwift. This method allows users to pre-assemble item that include materials, tools and labor, then use the items wherever and whenever they are needed. The items can even be reused from project to project or purchased at the Swift Marketplace to save even more time.

This entire package allows architects to provide a higher value to their customers, now they can go beyond just plans, they can use a contractors assembly items and provide a complete takeoff list of materials, costs, and even labor hours needed.

In this economy, it is the providing of additional value that will gain swift thinking architects greater business.

To learn more visit our demo video.