For those of you in the construction industry who are still complaining about the economy I have bad news for you…It is time to stop and step up and smell the new reality we are all working in.  Over the last couple of years the entire industry has changed the way we work.

Look at how business is done anywhere.  Even in Wyoming where a lot of the construction is based on the military and ranching both of which have continued to move along well.  Most of the Wyoming planrooms have changed the way contractor work with them.  Now more and more plans are done digitally allowing for estimating right from the original plans.

This has allowed contractors to estimate more jobs in less time and as a byproduct of construction estimating software has allowed them to be more accurate.  If you are not working with estimating software right now you will be soon or you will be left behind.

You can imagine this like being the last person to adopt the use of a cell phone in their business.  Yes you could still get by even to this day, but how much will you be losing by not using a cell phone.  Probably enough to pay for the cell phone several times every single month.

Takeoff and estimating software is the same way.  You can get by without it but how much are you losing by not takign full advantage of it?