Construction steel estimating software is a valuable tool for any contractor who is looking to get more done in a day. By using PlanSwift, contractors have found repeatedly they can reduce the time it takes to complete estimates and takeoffs by 90%.

If you are only doing one or two estimates a year PlanSwift may not be the right choice. Even at less than $90 a month you still could not justify it.

However, if you are a professional you are doing more than 2 little estimates a year.

As a professional, you most certainly understand the value of your time and what construction estimating software has to offer. By allowing you to estimate steel in one-tenth the time, you free yourself to move on to other tasks.

With one estimate normally taking several hours being reduced to only minutes multiplied by all the work estimates you do in year and you can begin to see the timesavings PlanSwift can offer.

PlanSwift is almost like have a new employee because you will be able to get so much more done.

What would it cost you to hire a new employee just to for estimating? $2,000.00 a month or more by the time you add in taxes and workers comp insurance. That is $24,000.00 a year.

PlanSwift is not going to ask you for that much – not even close. You won’t even need to dig into your pocket for one month’s pay to own PlanSwift Construction Takeoff and Estimating Software.

We know you may be skeptical of the time savings so well prove it to you. We will let you “take home” a copy of PlanSwift a use it for two full weeks FREE! Plus to make sure you get the most out of your time we will make our expert trainers available to you to teach you how to use PlanSwift.

We are sure by the end of the two weeks you will have experienced firsthand how much PlanSwift can save you.

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