Steel construction costs continue to rise as China and other developing nation put pressure on the supplies of material. This is causing the need for estimator of steel construction to make sure they use up-to-date cost figures when doing estimates.

steel construction estimating is importantWith prices moving as rapidly as they have been in the period, it is no longer acceptable to use even two-week-old steel prices. Doing so could cause the estimate to be completely off the mark.

Instead, it is important to use current prices just before submitting a bid.

However, doing so by hand can create a very challenging issue. The time needed to update material prices for an estimate could easily be half the total time to estimate, so updating just the prices could add a lot to the total time of an estimate.

This issue can be dealt with by the use of construction takeoff and estimating software. They programs allow you to update the prices of material at any time, then within a couple of minutes the new totals will be available.

This is great when prices of construction materials are moving rapidly up or down. Current prices can be input in the morning and an accurate bid dropped off before lunch.

Just one more way PlanSwift is trying to save you time and money.