South Dakota planrooms continue to see an influx of green and wind farm work. This can be a great opportunity to those builders who are willing to go the extra mile and become the expert in this field.

Wind FarmEven during this economic slowdown, there are still areas of growth within the building industry. One of the largest of these is the “Green” area. This is a new and growing field with both people and companies willing to put dollars into new green work.

A secondary benefit of this new green growth in the sector is wide open for builders. There are no experts yet established, so anyone can come in and with some work establish themselves as the experts.

One way to do this would be to become the expert at estimating green and wind farm work. By working with local planrooms and customizing takeoff and estimating software for your needs any company can quickly become the “go to” for estimating this type of work.

The financial returns for this effort will easily be worth it.

PlanSwift is here to help you achieve this goal. Built from the ground up with the idea of customization in mind, PlanSwift offers the ability to install plugins to customize completely your program. With little effort, you can create then use “Green” estimating plugins and templates to increase the accuracy and reduce the time of all your estimates.

To learn more download PlanSwift today and schedule your free training time.