As population continue to move and as schools age many school districts around the country are finding they need to either build new schools or remodel current schools. However, the local governments are paying close attention to school construction costs, much more attention than ever before.

This is providing a great opportunity for contractors who are able to provide many different possible options very quickly. The different estimates will allow the school boards to weight their options and come up with the best possible solution.

This may mean the need to estimator to run many different estimates, some with very little variance between the previous one.

Doing this type of estimating by hand can become a tedious and frustrating exercise, and can easily cause many to give up.

School Construction Costs

“After using PlanSwift and 3 other programs for takeoff, I wanted to tell you what a great program you have. Easy to use, fast, the ability to create custom formulas, the batch rename function, fly away menus, etc. I have been a heavy computer user in construction for 30 years, and have not seen a company respond to users as quickly and as well as you guys do. I’m done looking for takeoff software. Keep up the fine work. Bill Carey VP of Construction Services.”-Seaboard Construction Group / Bill Carey

The best way to combat this level of frustration is to adopt construction takeoff and estimating software that will do the labor intensive work.

With these programs people can reduce the amount of time involved in estimates by up to 90%, plus with assembly based programs updating small items throughout the estimate can be as simple as changing them in one spot. The program will do the rest.

Construction companies need to take advantage of every opportunity they can right now, so they can survive until conditions improve. Using the right tools to estimate school construction costs will make this much easier.