Roof estimating software by PlanSwift® is an estimators and contractors dream come true.

“PlanSwift has changed my life as an estimator. I just bid a job in one day that would’ve taken over a week to do the old way. I love it.”
-Universal Roofing & Contracting Services / Michael Fitzpatrick

With powerful formulas and assembly based takeoffs on top of a program capable of reading most plan types even PDFs, PlanSwift can allow estimates to be completed in a fraction of the time.

All from the ground.

With amazing pitch and truss tools in the software there is no need to climb a ladder to estimate a roof ever again, unless you are going up there for the view.

Roof Estimating Software

“I like how I can overlay siding details with Planswift, whereas before this could sometimes be a difficult task. I am able to measure my window, doors, floors, roofs, etc. I am able to line things up more easily than I had before. The overlay tool has been awesome with its pinpoint accuracy. This software hits all the right spots.”
-Pacific Lifestyle Homes / Jon Pudlitzke

As a busy season approaches are you ready to handle all the estimating that needs done?

With PlanSwift you can complete takeoffs and estimates in as little as one-tenth the time it takes to do the same work by hand. That is the type of timesavings that quickly drops to the bottom line.

Give PlanSwift construction takeoff and estimating software a try before your next roof estimating project.


With the free trial of PlanSwift as a roof estimating software, it will not cost you anything and will probably save you time and money.

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