Roof construction cost calculation can be a time consuming and dangerous matter to take on. The need to climb on roofs, in who-knows-what-kind of conditions to take measurements can be harmful as well as eat up a lot of time.

This is why the idea of working with original plans to do roof estimates is such an enjoyable idea. By using the plans, roof estimators can complete their job without the need to travel to the job site or to climb up on the roof. They can even do their job irrespective of the weather.

“I like how I can overlay siding details with Planswift, whereas before this could sometimes be a difficult task. I am able to measure my window, doors, floors, roofs, etc. I am able to line things up more easily than I had before. The overlay tool has been awesome with its pinpoint accuracy. This software hits all the right spots.”-Pacific Lifestyle Homes / Jo

There are probably a number of estimators who would jump at the chance to get such a great advantage or relief over everyone else.

“PlanSwift has changed my life as an estimator. I just bid a job in one day that would’ve taken over a week to do the old way. I love it.”-Universal Roofing & Contracting Services / Michael Fitzpatrick


Luckily, for them and everyone else the number one software program available can be had completely free. Planted USA the makers of PlanSwift are allowing interested contractors to download their Professional 9.0 program to see what they think and discover ways it can improve their lives.

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