Residential construction has finally turned the corner and is beginning to grow again.  New homes are going up at a faster rate than in the last couple of month.  Large builders are once again buying up swaths of land and optioning even more.  We have not seen that since 2007.

All in all life is getting back to positive.  But what does this mean to?   A lot.

First is means it is now time to starting getting ready for the times to come.  The best time to prepare for anything is before it happens.  This means getting you marketing ready and out there.  It means finding your workers again.  Are they still willing to work for you, have they moved on to better pastures.  Any of these could easily have happened.

Another biggie, have you completed the new EPA training and rules.  Yes, this is a big one, and you could maybe get by without it.  But it is not worth trying and getting caught.  That could easily be the end of your business.

Don’t forget this is a major new rule and the first person in any area to find a violator will be up for promotion.  Inspectors are going to be out looking for this and looking hard.  They want to put that feather in their cap and get the promotion.

Before work gets busy is also a good time to forge relationships with  the influential suppliers in the market.  By building these relationships you will be able to leverage your work into greater business for you and your worker.

Think along the lines of hosting a business lecture for the suppliers customer, or a networking meeting.  Both of these will have positive benefits for everybody and you will gain by being associated with the supplier and thought of in a positive light for helping companies grow.

I would never worry about also helping out your competition.  In the end you do well by helping others.  There is more work out there for the good companies than they can do right now.  So by helping other good companies they can pass along projects when they can’t handle it.  You can get good jobs that might otherwise have been lost to you and won by second tier companies.