Remodeling contractors can use many software programs, but the best one they could use is PlanSwift’s professional takeoff and estimating software.

Many home remodelers do not understand the value PlanSwift offers them when it comes to timesavings and accuracy. Both of these are tremendous advantages for those willing to try something new. Advantages that can allow one contractor to run away with the show in the area.

How is this possible?

First PlanSwift uses assembly-based takeoffs. What this allows you to do is create assemblies of material, and labor once then simply use them from there on out.

Take a light fixture as a simple example. To complete the fixture you would need several different pieces of materials, a box, some connectors, a plate, etc and it would take you a couple of minutes per fixture to put in.

Once you have set up this “light fixture”, assembly in PlanSwift you would never again need to deal with it. Now all that would be needed is to go over plans with the count tool, count the number of fixtures needed, and then add the prebuilt assembly.

PlanSwift then goes to work, does the math and reports back to you the items needed, the cost, the hours of time, and if you add markup can even produce an estimate.home remodeling

I am sure you can see the timesavings this alone can create. The ability to quickly complete all the takeoff numbers you would need.

The added accuracy benefit is a great side effect of allowing the computer to do the work. Let’s face it human are poor calculators, we love to miss numbers and make mistakes.

We are better at thinking and solving problems not crunching number. Whereas a computer is nothing more than an overgrown adding machine. By allowing it to do what it does best, math, and relieving you of the task you are not great at you end up with a partnership.

To try PlanSwift and see how well it can meet your needs
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