Home remodel estimating is become big business. As more home owners stay in their current homes longer they are willing to spend more money to remodel it.

Just a couple of years ago the average person moved every 3-5 years. When they grew tired of the old house or wanted something new they simply sold the old house, moved up to one with what they wanted. That was the American way and kept many homebuilders very busy building these new houses.

Remodeling estimatingNow however, because of everything that has happened in last couple of years people are staying put. But this does not mean they are content with their surroundings.

Sometimes things change, additions to the family, new toys for the garage, people that just need more space, or the desire to keep up with the Jones. Whatever the reason often there is a large need for the remodel.

Without the ability to sell their house and move easily many homeowners see no other option but to improve the house they are already in.

Estimating remodeling projects can be a great business for the right person with the right tools.

Homeowners expect speed and computer wizardry these days so that is one tool all estimators need. A good, high quality takeoff and estimating program can make all the difference between success as a remodeling estimator and painful death.