Project management plan document organization is critical to successfully navigating the new economy of construction. Without a proper system set up, extra time will be wasted and better more efficient operations will win work.

The ability to retrieve project plan documents at any time is critical. Customers and contractors now expect answer instantly, they no longer like the “I will get back with you answer”. This means you either need to drive around with a van full of plans or, as many smart companies are doing, manage your plan documents as digital files you can pull up from anywhere.

PlanSwift is making it even easier than that, with their software you can download plans onto your smart phone are view them on your phone whenever you want.

Also critical is the need to be able to send plans quickly. With the pace of work increasing, and the lack of patience requests for plans can no longer wait until later in the day. Now when someone requests them they want the plans right now.

PlanSwift is making this possible with the fast and powerful send plan feature. With this, you can quickly send plans, screen shots, and files to as many people as you want quickly.

Speed and organization are required more than ever for construction plan document management to be an asset to the company.

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