An imperative task on any construction job is to get the project cost estimate done accurately and quickly. With today’s building environment nothing less can a tolerated.

Gone are the days of just a couple years ago when people would wait to get estimates and feel lucky when they got them, understanding builders had a backlog of work. When this was the case contractors could afford to take a week or two to finish a cost estimation, if the buyer were to walk away, who cared, there where ten others to take the place.

Coming back to present day and all that is gone. Now the builders are lining up to get jobs and the owner will no longer handle waiting for estimates to be delivered. It is thought builders are slow so should have plenty of time to get bids back quickly.

On top of this demand is the need to estimate more jobs. With more competition, few jobs, and more projects failing to break ground contractors are finding they need to do more estimates to get the same amount of work as before.

All of this leading to the need to work more hours than possible just to breakeven and pay the bills.

So what is a contractor to do?

construction project cost estimating softwareOne option would be to start using construction estimating software to help with project costs. These programs can reduce the time involved in estimating to a tenth of what it takes to do by hand. Or put another way contractors could finish ten estimates in the time it would have taken to finish just one.

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