PlanSwift is a great tool for construction plan document management. With its ability to send plans, pages and screen shots via email plus the ability to folderize plan pages you can easily keep track of plans and mange the flow of documents.

plan document mangementManaging plans for any size construction project can be an issue requiring a fair amount of time and thought, so anything that can be done to reduce these efforts will be worth your time and effort to do.

PlanSwift with its ability to send plans quickly to others with its secure send plans feature is a perfect example of how document management tools can be of great use. With this feature, the sender can select form plan pages, other files, or screenshots and send them to as many people as they want.

The documents are uploaded onto a secure serve where they are stored unlit retrieved.

Receipent email with coded download linkThe PlanSwift system then sends the recipients a short email letting them know they can download the plans when ready. This way emails can be sent to smart phones or computers with slow connect speed with disrupting normal operations.