A well-designed construction plan document management system makes it easy to find and share information easily. It organizes content in a way that makes sense, and makes it easy to use across the entire operation.

A good document management plan helps companies meet the needs of their customers at every stage of a construction project.

PlanSwift 9.0 makes this process easier than ever with:

  • Hyperlinks. Click hyperlinks on the page to either navigate to a URL or function as a bookmark to another page
  • Search the pages window
  • Folder structure for images: Now the user can group images in folders, such as “Architectural”, “Structural”, “Civil”, etc.
  • “Tabbed” browsing. Open multiple images at the same time…overall the software feels more like a “browser” for blueprint images, with powerful capabilities. Dock or undock tabs and move to additional monitors
  • Quick Search – search all commands in the ribbon bar, plus searching your current estimates, and templates at the same time
  • New “Notes” sidebar…see all notes on the job in 1 place
  • New docking system – (windows don’t get lost)
  • Powerful send feature to send files, folder, plans and screen shots to multiple people quickly and securely.

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