PlanSwift allow contractors to quickly and easily to construction takeoffs for PDF files.

Adobe PDF files are a common way files are shared around the industry because they are easy to produce, create a small file size and are readable on most systems.  Adobe has done a wonderful job on making sure its free reader is available to anyone.

In fact the page to download the adobe reader in the most linked to page on the internet.

The great issue with construction takeoff is that the PDF format is not a great format for working with.  The PDF format works much like a fax machine in that each line across contains on points, marked black, and off points, left blank.  There is never really a solid line created just the image of one.

This is where converting a PDF to a more usable format like the TIFF is important.  These files allow the computer to understand the lines in the plans.

PlanSwift has made the conversion process extremely easy.  When you start a new job in PDF files are contained in the folders they will be automatically converted for you, with the option to keep or discard the PDF files.

If you wish to add a PDF file after the job is started you simply select the PDF to TIFF converter and you can convert one or more pages.

PlanSwift has made it easy for you to do PDF takeoffs, just one more way we strive to save you time and money.