Many professional painters are finding paint estimating software to be a necessity. With the need for great accuracy and speed, doing estimates by hand has become a way of the past for professionals.

Over the last couple of years, there has been a dramatic shift in how painters estimate. Before most did their work by hand, some even their heads.

However, as time has changed and technology has increased people are finding estimating software a better way, a way to be more profitable.

The cause for the shift can be many.

Customers now relate speed and computers with professionalism, even if it isn’t true perceptions are everything.

With everyone trying to do more with less, it is putting a stress on time, so anything that can reduce the time involved in estimating is appreciated.

Margins have become tighter so estimates on jobs need to be more accurate. Computer software is great at not making calculation errors.

In the end, most professional painters who take the time and look at the facts find that in order to help their business grow in the coming years they need to have some form of paint estimating software.

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