Oregon planrooms are abuzz with the hope for a return to better work. With the latest, hope that Intel will build a new complex soon adding to construction jobs in the area.

This time around, however things may be different. During the last downturn, contractors of all sizes have been forced to become leaner, to get more done with less.

This means many contractors have invested in the tools to operate with less people, so when it comes time to increase operations many will be able to do so by hiring less people than they had before.

One key area where time and money can be saved is in estimating.

First, it is going to be necessary to estimate more jobs to get the same amount of work as before. This is because of the growth in the number of companies bidding on work. New companies have come about from laid off workers and old companies are venturing into new territories to make money.

This means saving time with estimating will be critical. With a program like PlanSwift, you can reduce your estimating time by up to 90%. This means you can estimate ten jobs in the time it would take to estimate one, or you can estimate the same number of jobs in less time.

The second great option PlanSwift provides is the ability to hand off much of the estimating process to others, saving time or allowing for the same results with less expense. Because PlanSwift uses assembly based estimating it is easy for a lower skilled person to mark the areas and apply the assemblies.

The hard part, the assembly setup, only needs to be done once then they can be used as needed. This assembly setup can be done by the highly skilled owner/estimator once then will not need to be touched again.

To see how PlanSwift can help you download a copy now!