On computer screen digitizing of construction prints has been made easy by PlanSwift takeoff and estimating software. Before now, the effort to digitize building plans made using estimating software more hassle than it was worth.

You could easily have spent hours converting plans to digital, all the while putting up with the constant beeping in the background. It could easily drive anyone out of their mind.

That has all changed now – PlanSwift now has a way that will allow users to simply scan their plans in and the program will digitize them automatically. Now you can use any scanner, from a home office to portable, to large plan reader, load your plans and in very little time have a complete set of digitized plans to work with.

onscreen digitizer for any construction planThis has now completely changed the way estimating can be done.

Now regardless of whether you get plans from an online planroom or a reprographic house you can use professional takeoff and estimating software to reduce the time and effort involved in your work.

This time and effort savings had previously been the domain of companies that used digital plans, leaving the majority of users out. However, not now, anyone who is interested in taking advantage of skills need to succeed in the new construction economy has them at their fingertips.

If you don’t already use PlanSwift for construction estimating and to digitize plans on a computer screen, click here to download a free copy plus receive useful one-on-one training from PlanSwift trainers.