Online construction estimate takeoff software can be the difference between easy success and hard failure in the building industry.

Most everybody already knows that construction estimating and takeoff software greatly reduces the time it takes to complete estimates.

But what many people do not know is what this extra time can do for them. By saving contractors time they are able to put more time towards activities that bring in extra money. Activities like completing work already underway, marketing, managing workers, invoicing clients and estimating more projects.

All of these tasks need to be done to help keep the lights on, however in the busy world of today, some if not all get drop.

Online Takeoff Software

“I just finished my online session with Patrick. I purchased this program right away. PlanSwift will save so much time in estimates. It is much easier to understand and use than the other program I was using, at 1/3 of the cost. No More dongle. I can use PlanSwift on any computer.”-Enterprise Tile and Stone / Mike Babbel

The companies that drop just one or two are able to get by doing okay financially. They get by with enough money to pay the bills but never enough to take them to the next level where the big money is.

The companies that drop most of the tasks are the ones that struggle from day one and ultimately fail a painful death. Never making enough money to pay the bills the company slowly bleeds the owner until there is nothing left.

“One of the main reasons I really enjoy this software is because it is so easy to use. I do a lot of commercial projects and PlanSwift has been a tremendous help. I have absolutely no doubts in my mind PlanSwift is the greatest online estimating software out there. PlanSwift’s great!”-Vanguard Construction / Dennis Darger

The companies that do great are the ones that are able to complete all the tasks. These are the ones that are able to grow, even when times are bad, to get themselves to the next level. It is the time to get these tasks done that separates these companies from the rest.

It is the estimate takeoff software that helps these companies save the time they need to save.