PlanSwift comes with a powerful and handy ruler measuring systems you can use to measure lengths right on your computer screen.

“Even though I have yet to use the software to its full capacity, I like what I have seen so far. I use it for measurements and cannot believe how much time I have saved. I am able to get my square footage by simply clicking and highlighting the areas. I can’t stress how easy this program is to utilize. No more plan tables, and best of all, no more rulers!”-Xceptional Construction LLC / Hyrum Johnson


No need to guess at length anymore or do mental acrobatics because of the size of the prints you have. PlanSwift can quickly tell you what you want to know.

“Last November I needed to make a decision about which paperless takeoff system to use for my estimating company. I had reviewed [the competition] several times over a three year period, and even installed the demo on my computer. I could never bring myself to make the purchase. I then searched the Internet for on screen estimating systems and found yours. After a brief conversation with you, I downloaded and installed the demo. The difference was immediately recognizable. The program is visually appealing, and intuitive to use. The zoom and pan controls took only a few moments to get used to, and quickly became completely natural. All of the features needed to do takeoff off of both “spots and dots” and linear items took seconds to learn. For those who need good organizational tools for your takeoffs (that would be me), Planswift is also a hit. I am quite pleased with the programs abilities in this area. I have also been quite satisfied with your technical support. I tend to push software packages to the max, always looking for better ways to do things and advanced program capabilities. The tech support staff has never let me down. And finally, the price. A superior product with great tech support for less money. How can you lose?”-Carr Consulting Services / Steve Carr


Before PlanSwift, one of the hardest parts of using PDF files was measuring with a ruler especially on a computer screen. Because the image would be adjusted to fit the size of your screen. Zooming in to see details only exacerbated the problem.

Now with PlanSwift all those problems are gone. You can measure any length with precisions and zoom into see details with causing a problem.

Take the PlanSwift 14 Day FREE Trial and see what this amazing takeoff and estimating software can do for you.