Using software as an on screen digitizer is a great way to save time and money in any construction business.

Digitizer software programs like these are great because they allow you to go straight from a digital blueprint and right into estimating and takeoff calculations. If you only have paper blueprints this is still no issue. Just scan the blueprints in and the programs will do the rest.

On Screen Digitizer

Using on screen digitizer software like this has the added benefit of allowing you to carry your blueprint with out in your computer, on a flash drive or access them from a server anywhere you can get internet access. Some programs will even integrate with your smart phone or iPhone allowing you to view your plans right on your phone.

This is a great help when at a job site or when questions come up and you are not in the office.

“After using PlanSwift and 3 other programs for takeoff, I wanted to tell you what a great program you have. Easy to use, fast, the ability to create custom formulas, the batch rename function, fly away menus, etc. I have been a heavy computer user in construction for 30 years, and have not seen a company respond to users as quickly and as well as you guys do. I’m done looking for takeoff software. Keep up the fine work.” -Seaboard Construction Group / Bill Carey

A third great benefit of using takeoff software with blueprints is the ability to get rid of paper, going green and saving on printing and storage costs at the same time. Because the programs handle the blueprints as digital files, you do not need to print multiple copies of the same plans. Less paper, less storage space, and less fumbling around a cluttered office.

Construction takeoffs from plan blueprints with the use of construction software is the best way to get work done quickly and at a lower cost.