New Hampshire planrooms can look forward to new group of members soon. The state in moving forward with plans to start training a new generation of skilled construction workers. State officials understand the need to have quality workers for the construction industry, even as the building industry weathers one of the worst downturns ever.

Even though there is high unemployment right now, there is an expectation there will be shortage of workers in the near future. As time passes, more and more construction workers are leaving the industry or simply retiring.

This will cause there to be a shortage of workers when the pace of construction picks back up.

Builders will need to be able to do more with less people and with less qualified people. One way to help deal with this is to use quality takeoff and estimating software.

Programs like PlanSwift allow users to reduce the amount of time it takes to do an estimate by 90%. This will allow builders to estimate ten jobs in the time it would have taken to do just one.

In addition, with PlanSwift’s assembly based estimating estimator can delegate much of the time consuming work to less experienced workers then finish with the skilled efforts with little time involved.

Now is the time, just like in New Hampshire, to start preparing for the coming quality worker shortage,