Nebraska planrooms continue to see work from the private sector grow. As government spending continues to shirk amongst budget deficits, private spending is where work continues.

Despite all the news to the contrary this is still a group of wealthy individuals for whom the recession has not kept them from spending.

By focusing on this group, the affluent, many contractors have been able to maintain their level of business. Largely this has been done quietly, more through relationships than with open bidding, because the affluent are aware of the possible backlash against them.

This has been an area where planrooms have had an advantage over online planrooms. By not advertising projects where they can easily be found online, but rather with a more subtle personal touch, these brick and mortar operations have been able to provide the type of value and service expected of this customer base.

If you did not already know, PlanSwift works well with paper plans also. You can either scan then in or connect a digitizer to the program and access the plans that way. Either way, PlanSwift will convert the plans to a digital format for easy use, storage and sending.