Montana planrooms continue to see a drift in the types of projects they are handing out. As the government and low to middle class consumers continue to pull back on spending the only ones left willing to invest in building in the upper end market.

This market continues to grow at a continuous pace. These buyers base their purchasing decision on value not price so it behooves contractors to put greater value into their work.

One great value that can be added early in the process is the ability to complete accurate estimates quickly. These buyers, the upper income earners, are busy people who have multiple demands on their time, so anything that can be done to reduce the time and effort involved in building will be noticed.

By offering quick and accurate estimating of projects, customers can make a decision rapidly then not need to think about it again. Imagine the value prospect offering a 1 day or 2 day estimate guarantee would provide to time strapped individuals.

However, there is no real way to offer such a value using hand done methods, or even excel spreadsheets. The time involved would be too great. The only way to make this offering would be to use professional takeoff and estimating software.

With this type of software, material assemblies can be pre-determined with materials and labor included. Then all that is needed to be done is to digitizer the areas to add the assemblies.

In a tenth the time it would have taken to complete the process by hand it will be done and in a professional looking estimate report ready to be handed over to an owner. With little practice, it would be possible to return an estimate in hours after receiving the proposal. Adding a tremendous level of value to the high-end customer.